Sanatan Suryavanshi and Animation Students

Academy Award Nominated Grad Sanatan Suryavanshi Returns to Sheridan to Speak to Animation Students!

A graduate of Sheridan’s Bachelor of Animation Program, 2011, Sanatan Suryavanshi has gone on to international success with The Breadwinner, acting as Art Director (Guru studio) for the feature film.  Read More

Introducing the Graduating Student Award!

This year, Sheridan is launching a new program of art awards for students in their graduating year. This program is intended to recognize outstanding work in the graduating classes at Sheridan and to acquire exceptional artworks to be displayed on our creative campuses.

For each artwork selected by the curatorial committee, students will be awarded $500 and the work will be included in the Sheridan Public Art Collection.

The Sheridan Public Art Collection is a curated selection of artwork by Sheridan alumni, students, faculty and emeritus faculty. Works from the collection have been exhibited across our three campuses and is intended to foster and showcase Sheridan’s unique creative legacy. Read More