Retirement Tribute to Sandy McKean – by Jack Urowitz


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At first blush, Sandy is a quiet and unassuming gentleman, the backdrop of many of our working lives.Because of his humility we miss most of Sandy’s Sheridan achievements – AD extraordinaire, Sheridan Production Workshop Founder, producer and manager, SIRT builder, only AD in the province to require his own budget line for deposits, Chair and long time member of the most successful years of the WMG, caring and supportive colleague, fair and transparent manager – as I was conceiving this tribute, I kept seeing a mild mannered guy go into a phone booth tearing his shirt open to expose his Superman insignia and emerging as (Kelloggs, ‘The Greatest Name In Cereals presents): the Adventures of Superman.

So now I bring you the Adventures of Super McKean.

Faster than a speeding SWF deadline!

More powerful than the locomotives of policy-and-procedure-manuals!

Able to leap high above institutional mediocrity with every bound! (“Look! He’s passing by!” “With a good word!” “It’s plain to see!” “It’s Super Sandy Mckean!”)…

Yes, it’s Super McKean … welcome visitor from another institution, who came to Sheridan with powers and sensibilities far beyond those of normal managers!

Super McKean … who changed the course of the media cluster, bent bureaucracy with his bare hands, and disguised as a mild-mannered News Reporter, Editor and Manager from a great national broadcaster, fought a never-ending battle for students, fairness, and quality education!

And now, the next exciting episode, in the Adventures of Super Sandy McKean: his supposed retirement!

Sandy, may your quiet power, determined fair play and rigorous logic serve you as well in your future adventures, as they have served your admiring colleagues here at Sheridan. In eight short years you have left a record more accomplished than most leave in a lifetime. On behalf of the faculty union, and in the chorus of your FAAD colleagues, and from my own personal and professional gratitude, thank you and please play out some of your future Super episodes back here at Sheridan.


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