Sheridan Illustration Students No Longer embarrassed to be “Embarrassed”

2D3A5238(3)The Embarrassment Show workshop is an approach to creative thinking developed by Dutch creative director, curator and artist Erik Kessels. Originally conducted with a group of 2nd year photography students in Switzerland, the Embarrassment Show has developed into a travelling exhibition. Earlier in May, the project was brought to Sheridan College’s Trafalgar campus for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Illustration students. Kessels led a three-day workshop and oversaw the production of the final exhibition with Sheridan Illustration Professor/Coordinator Joe Morse. Stemming from the philosophy that artists learn best when they learn mistakes, Kessels believes that encouraging students to acknowledge what they are embarrassed, uncomfortable, or shy about will stretch their abilities to the limit.

Making mistakes and risking embarrassment, even failure, is how you make progress. Without it, you’ll be stuck in the same old safe zone: not embarrassed, but not better either. In other words: boring. So if we want to do this thing we love – making stuff – we mustn’t be afraid of looking stupid.

Erik Kessels, Artist, Curator, Designer, and Founder of KesselsKramer

One of the most important parts of a ‘creative campus’ is how creativity is expressed. Erik described the process to the participants, “We have a front garden where everything is tidy and we have a back garden where things are maybe not so perfect. We need to go to the back garden.” The exhibition in the tidy courtyard is unruly, chaotic and absolutely imperfect and hopefully only the first step for the Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design into our back garden.

Joe Morse, Professor/Coordinator, Bachelor of Illustration

The resulting exhibition includes therapeutic and declarative works where students not only overcame their embarrassment, but addressed difficult subjects such as mental illness, identity, body insecurity, and bullying. In many cases, students boldly tackled “embarrassment” in the form of social stigma and trauma by presenting their stories to the public. Third year illustration student Kuma Pather stated that the workshop “dug deep” and helped him grow towards the type of artist that he strives to be: one that works from a sincere place. Kessels’ states that the intensive workshop was “quite emotional” as students confronted their individual hurdles.

2D3A5243(2)The Embarrassment Show is installed in the courtyard— or the ‘back garden’— of Sheridan College’s A Wing as a site specific installation. The show is open to the public and will continue until the end of September. Visit our gallery below to see the process of creating The Embarrassment Show. To learn more about Sheridan’s Illustration program, visit our website.


2D3A4312   2D3A4315   2D3A43182D3A4316  2D3A4324  2D3A43832D3A4326   2D3A4424   2D3A43662D3A4335     2D3A4435     2D3A4446 2D3A4447  2D3A4448  2D3A4509  2D3A4514  2D3A4631


2D3A4529  2D3A4611  2D3A46492D3A4547  2D3A4551  2D3A4556  2D3A4620  2D3A46132D3A4603  2D3A4644  2D3A4638 2D3A4656 2D3A4633   2D3A4658  2D3A4660 2D3A4739  2D3A4763  2D3A47792D3A5012  2D3A5017  2D3A5045 2D3A5025  2D3A5039  2D3A5057  2D3A5030 2D3A5050 2D3A5075

Installation and Exhibition Tour:

2D3A5122   2D3A5085   2D3A50952D3A5082  2D3A5081  2D3A5248 2D3A5291  2D3A5289  2D3A52492D3A5288    2D3A5244    2D3A5245    2D3A5246    2D3A5247 2D3A5243    2D3A5241    2D3A5238   2D3A5234     2D3A5233    2D3A5239    2D3A52282D3A5230  2D3A5219  2D3A5210 2D3A5211 2D3A5212 2D3A5209 2D3A5208 2D3A52062D3A5214   2D3A5215   2D3A5213 2D3A5204   2D3A5201   2D3A5199  2D3A5195  2D3A5183  2D3A5193 2D3A5203  2D3A5192  2D3A5198  2D3A5191  2D3A5180    2D3A5185       2D3A5190       2D3A5175      2D3A5167 2D3A5166      2D3A5164      2D3A5163      2D3A51462D3A5150  2D3A5153  2D3A5160 2D3A5139  2D3A5136   2D3A53472D3A5143        2D3A5335         2D3A5344         2D3A53002D3A5341   2D3A5331   2D3A5297 2D3A5336  2D3A5296  2D3A5292

Photos by Stuart McGinness.

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