SIRT students preparing for greenscreen

Exploring Media’s New Frontiers: Summer Interdisciplinary VR Project at SIRT

Over two days in June, a cross-disciplinary team utilized the motion capture system at SIRT (Screen Industries Research and Training) to record the performances of three motion capture performers. SIRT is Sheridan’s research centre at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. The project was conceived and coordinated by Randall Kapuscinski, a faculty member for both the Bachelor of Film and Television and Advanced Television and Film programs who specializes in transmedia and creative applications for emerging screen-based technologies. Guided by the motion capture experts Spencer Idenouye and Jason Hunter, students learned how to navigate film production when there are no physical cameras or lighting present.

Sheridan faculty unveil “State of the Arts” as new series

The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design have implemented a new series at their Faculty meetings. Entitled “State of the Arts,” this invites faculty members from our five departments to present latest innovative trends in their practice and in the discipline. The Department of Film, TV and Journalism led the way with presentations from Michael Kennedy, Sherry Lawr and John Loranger.