Live Streaming Project Makes Art out of Green Space on Campus

“As part of our ongoing objective to transform the Trafalgar campus into a space that reflects the work we do in the arts, the following project will be launched this year. So far, we have been focused on providing numerous display opportunities for student work across the campus; on partnering with the arts community in the GTA for temporary installations; on working with Sheridan facilities to enhance the physical spaces we use every day; on developing an acquisition strategy for work produced by our faculty and students.

This new project will address a singular, yet underappreciated and underutilized asset we have: our campus green space, which is animated by the meandering, unnamed creek.

Robert Fones, faculty in Art and Art History, has decided to embrace this new project, leading the way with his fourth year Design students, and has named it Live Streaming. His description follows.”

– Dean of the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, Ronni Rosenberg

“Many campuses have streams or lakes as part of their landscaping. When Sheridan College was laid out in early 1970s, the planners kept the stream that flows through the site and made it an integral focal point of the radial layout of all the buildings. The stream continues to flow between the various wings of the college, reminding everyone of our connection to nature and our link to seasonal cycles.

There are in fact two streams that flow through the campus, one on the western border of the campus and one that flows through the campus itself and connects to the western stream which eventually flows into Sixteen Mile Creek which in turn flows into Lake Ontario.

Recently, the stream on the west side of the campus was devastated when hundreds of ash trees were infested with Green Ash Borer. These trees had to be cut down and then, what was once a forest creating shade for the stream, looked more like a war zone.

To draw attention to Sheridan’s streams and to ensure their continued health and survival we are launching a project called Live Streaming. This project is open to all Sheridan students and can take any form: installation, sculpture, video, sound, performance—even gardening. The idea is to create an artwork that interacts with the stream in some way and highlights its living presence within the Sheridan environment.

The phrase live streaming refers to video images that are conveyed directly to the viewer through a live feed that displays real time images of what is happening at a particular location. In the case of this project, it also signals that the actual stream is a living entity that has its own life and that also nourishes the plants, birds, insects mammals and trees living in it or near it.

In the same way that the stream connects to a larger stream and a lake, Sheridan is connected to a larger community beyond its defined boundaries. The idea of the stream as a living entity and its connection to a wider world are at the core of this project.

The winning proposals will be announced next Spring with any construction that is part of the winning entry carried out during the summer months. The finished project will be showcased in the Fall of 2014.

For the moment, we just want you to be aware of this initiative, and to begin to think about what could be done, and what you might propose.”

– Art & Art History Faculty, Robert Fones

When Not School Season, It’s Construction Season!

The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD) has been keeping our facilities team busy this summer with construction projects around Trafalgar campus that are meant to upgrade our studio space and technology.  Among other renovation projects, we are setting up a Digital Fabrication Lab in AA1a, which will be home to a family of brand new 3D printers and a laser cutter. We are also building three new computer labs and moving one to support our Game Design and Interaction Design programs, more piano rehearsal rooms for theatre, and a new media equipment distribution centre in the C Wing. The student’s open studio and its neighbouring courtyard, affectionately known as “the pit,” is also getting a face-lift with all new floors and fresh paint.

Chad Mansell in facilities has been coordinating with Claire Ironside and Doug Donald in FAAD on these projects, and hiring students too. We struck a deal with one group of students to paint the A wing, letting them choose the blue colour in the Animation wing. Facilities also hired three students from Sheridan’s Architectural Technology program to manage renovation projects. I spoke with Vicky Penner, who just finished her first year in Architecture and has been managing construction of the Digital Fabrication Lab as her co-op.

“I loved it,” Vicky told me. “It was great! I learned quite a bit, [facing] hurdles we had to overcome. I’m sad I’m done.” Vicky told me that working with the tradespeople on this project confirmed for her that she is going in the right direction with the architectural technology program, and she really appreciated the “actual work experience” she has had this summer, working for Sheridan.

Please take a look at the pictures above to see for yourself how much our facilities are evolving over the summer months. When you come back to campus this fall, look out for fresh floors, red doors (chosen for their auspicious colour), and that “New School Smell”.

Welcome back!