Using Art to Increase Wellness: Sheridan’s First Art Hive

How can art increase your health and well-being? Art Fundamentals Professor Susan Beniston and Sheridan Library and Learning Services recently partnered together to explore how creative forms of making can contribute towards one’s wellness. On February 22, Sheridan’s first Art Hive offered the community a chance to experience the transformative power of shared creativity. Participants were invited to upcycle and re-cycle arts and crafts materials. Based on the idea of an open studio space, an Art Hive welcomes everyone as an artist, supporting them in the exploration of their creative capacity while aiming to build a stronger, more inclusive community through the process of art-making. Read More

Sanatan Suryavanshi and Animation Students

Academy Award Nominated Grad Sanatan Suryavanshi Returns to Sheridan to Speak to Animation Students!

The breadwinner image of young girl

A graduate of Sheridan’s Bachelor of Animation Program, 2011, Sanatan Suryavanshi has gone on to international success with The Breadwinner, acting as Art Director (Guru studio) for the feature film.  Read More