Student Work | Bachelor of Film and Television

The short films presented below have been produced as part of Core Production 1 & 2. These two classes are offered as third year courses in the Honours Bachelor of Film and Television program. All third-year students participate in these 2 courses, and every student participates in the production of at least one documentary and one narrative film.


A is for Anxiety:

A for Anxiety follows the stories of three young adults who struggle with anxiety and depression. This documentary aims to teach teens about mental illness through heartfelt interviews and beautiful visual elements. Dancers portray these three powerful stories through eye catching modern choreography.


Heart-Shaped Box:

A young woman struggles with the differing opinions of her best friend and her boyfriend about a tiny heart she found suspended inside a glass box. The only problem is… it’s starting to grow.


Ramp 32:

A widowed mother and her eight-year-old son with a tragic past have their lives changed when they discover the welcoming and positive world of skateboarding



Us = Them is a short documentary about a gay Muslim man, anonymously telling his story of self-acceptance caught between two identities that are often pitted against each other in our divisive political climate.



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