Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design at National Portfolio Day

In October and November, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design faculty members Mark Komza (Animation) and David How (Media Fundamentals) visited three US portfolio events hosted by the National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA). FAAD has participated in these events for a number of years. Read More

Sheridan Visual Merchandising Arts Students install at The Small Arms Inspection Building

Students from Sheridan’s second-year Visual Merchandising Arts (VMA) program, Rizva Ahmed, Emma Lewis, Qui Lan Song, and Chun-Yi Wu, with their faculty advisors Karen Kritzer, Louise Franklin, Scott Rogers, and Rob Bailey worked in partnership with CreativeHub 1352 and the Small Arms Society (SAS) for an installation at Mississauga’s the Small Arms Inspection Building – and displayed during the In-Situ Multi Arts Festival 2018. Read More