Who We Are

Ronni Rosenberg
Dean – Faculty of Animation Arts & Design
ext. 2621
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Donna Braggins
Associate Dean – Design Illustration & Photography
ext. 2198
Mary Jane Carroll
Acting Associate Dean – Visual & Performing Arts
ext. 4203
Stukator_Angela rtk05_final
Angela Stukator
Associate Dean – Animation & Game Design
ext. 2024
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Heather Whitton
Associate Dean – Material Arts & Design
ext. 2506
Maija Saari
Associate Dean – Film,
TV & Journalism
ext. 2176
Lavinia Jula
Manager, Planning and Projects
ext. 2411
Lora Tamburri
Academic Portfolio Administrator
Dept. of Design, Illustration & Photography
ext. 2786
Ned Loach
Academic Portfolio Administrator
Dept. of Visual & Performing Arts
ext. 2579
Office Manager, Academic Portfolio Administrator
Dept. of Animation & Game Design
ext. 2841
Nora Endicott
Academic Portfolio Administrator Dept. of Material Arts & Design
ext. 2632
Martina Sooksbirsingh
Academic Portfolio Administrator
Dept. of Film, TV & Journalism
ext. 8741
Nancy Goncalves
Program Support Specialist
ext. 2577
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Illustration
  • Bachelor of Interaction Design
  • Bachelor of Photography
  • Experiential Design
  • Public Relations – Corporate Communications
Shannon Chellew Paternostro
Program Support Specialist
ext. 2039
  • Art and Art History
  • Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance
  • Performing Arts Preparation
  • Producing for Creative Industries 
  • Theatre and Drama Studies
  • Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events
Christine Franch
Program Support Specialist
ext. 2571
  • Art Fundamentals
  • Bachelor of Craft and Design
  • Communication, Culture, Information & Technology
  • Interior Decorating
  • Visual & Creative Arts
  • Visual Merchandising Arts
Lesley Brown-Patterson
Program Support Specialist
ext. 2069
  • Advanced Special Effects Make Up
  • Computer Animation
  • Digital Creature 
  • Game Level Design
  • Makeup for Media and Creative Arts
  • Visual Effects
  • Web Design
Nancy Heath
Program Support Specialist
ext. 2735
  • Bachelor of Film and Television
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Journalism
  • Journalism – New Medi
Barbara Mathieu
Program Support Specialist
ext. 2392
  • Advanced Television and Film
  • Art and Business of Animation
  • Bachelor of Animation
  • Bachelor of Game Design
  • Media Fundamentals
  • Music Composition for Stage and Visual Media (MASSIVE) 

Martin de Bernardo
Technical Services
ext. 2127
Leslie McGale
Finance & Facilities Manager
ext. 2115
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Martin Zwicker
Theatre Production Manager
ext. 2718
Desiree Thyme
Media Production Coordinator
ext. 8748
Thea Haines
Gallery Coordinator
ext. 2368
Jamie Owen
Gallery Installation Designer
Kelly Hodgson
Administrative Officer
ext. 2993
Shellie Zhang
Communications Coordinator
ext. 2765
Kim Ramsahoye
Office Assistant and Communications Support
ext. 2318

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