Glass-made awards sitting on a black table with an announcement card on paper with the Canadian Cinema Editors awards printed on it.

Students and Alumni score big nominations at the annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards

An impressive 11 Sheridan alumni and 2 current students are being recognized at the Canadian Cinema Editors Awards this month.

Visiting a Shoot on Set with Advanced Television and Film Class

Anne Whitehead (This is the second part of a series. Read part one here.) The first thing I learned about filmmaking while visiting Sheridan College’s Advanced Television and Film (ATVF) 3×3 shoot is that film sets can be cold. Especially in Canada, in the winter. That is because the Cinespace film studio now being used by ATVF students in Toronto’s east end is massive (100,000 sq. ft.), and therefore expensive to heat. Today I tagged along with four busloads of students from our Media Fundamentals program on a visit to the set, where ATVF students were filming The Dentist. Upon entering the set, all visitors were asked to turn off their cellphones, and we then gathered around a specially installed rear screen showing the live camera view while the director called out “all quiet on set… and, action!” In the two hours I was on set, I saw only one (the… Read More