Art and Art History Therefore I Am

Art & Art History Grads Unveil “Therefore, I Am” Exhibition

9th Annual University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2015

Yesterday the University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2015 opened at the University of Toronto Art Centre at the downtown Toronto Campus. The exhibition was curated by a museum studies student team (Molly McGowan, Mel Mundle, and Jennifer Rodrigues) and comprised work by students in U of T’s three visual arts programs: Art and Art History (Sheridan/UT Mississauga), Visual Studies (UT St. George Campus), and Visual and Performing Arts (UT Scarborough).

Three Art and Art History Alumni each receive a $10,333 Dr. Annie Smith Graduate Scholarship

Professor Annie Smith (1940 – 2007) assumed the position of Art and Art History Program Coordinator in 1976. Over the next six years, she reassessed the existing three-year degree program in art education and developed the present professional fine-art focus of the Art and Art History Specialist (four-year) degree program. In 1982 for the first time, the program offered its students fourth-year courses in both studio and art history.

Art and Art History’s latest installation unveiled

The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD) recently unveiled a new art installation in A100 by Breanna Shanahan titled B;AABCEFGJJJJJKKLLLSSSTT, 2014. If the name looks like a typo, it isn’t. There is much more to it says Breanna, who explained the thought behind it. “The name is a tribute to all of the contributors of the piece, friends and professors and others submitted a drawn line for me to convert into a 3 dimensional abstract block with the program I use. I took the first letter of my first name and then the first letter of their first names and arranged them in alphabetical order to title the piece,” she said. Breanna went on to further explain the process of creating the piece using a computer driven device. “The CNC is a tool that is available in the woodshop for Art and Art History students. Its primary use was for print students to cut out their wood blocks… Read More

Art and Art History student awards program hosted at the Annie Smith Centre

On November 18, the Art and Art History ran their annual student awards program in the Annie Smith Centre. The annual alumni keynote speaker was Michelle Gay, who spoke about her diverse career as an artist, maker, designer, advocate, “technology tinkerer” and the driving curiosity that led her to complete both an MFA at NSCAD, and just recently a Master of Information Science at the University of Toronto’s Knowledge, Media, Design Institute.

Art and Art History Student Exhibiting at Albion Hotel in Guelph

Art and Art History student, Grace Bedwell, is exhibiting her paintings at the Albion Hotel in Guelph, Ontario. Grace was asked to be their featured artist for the month of February. Grace’s artist statement is as follows: “I am a practicing student artist, studying my last year within the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto joint with Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. In brief, my oil paintings on plywood explore recollections and memory of architectural landscapes through experiential encounters. I choose to examine how water affects vision. Creating inquiries into themes of ambiguity, further exploring the banal.  I have created landscapes that borderline abstraction yet also relies on the viewer’s own point of view. The distortion of each landscape through the layering and dripping of paint is an important aspect to my methodology. Utilizing the medium in a manner that imitates its own materiality.  The… Read More

You Are Here Installation Frames Trafalgar Campus View

With clouds above threatening rain, I found a perfect little spot outside on Trafalgar campus to sit and take in the view. The cozy white box inscribed with the words “You Are Here” in a familiar red circle can be found just outside the C-wing, beside the stream and across from the Marquee. The installation was created by Stacey Ng Kee Siong and Stacey Skiba, who are both recent graduates of Sheridan’s joint Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto in Mississauga. “You Are Here” invites the people to take a moment out of their day, have a seat and look through a circular window that mimics the shape of the You Are Here symbol to frame the spectator’s view. The concept was brought to life by Art and Art History faculty Jay Wilson, who has been teaching at Sheridan since 2001. He wanted to introduce something… Read More