DESIGN BRIEF: CEREMONIAL MACE FOR SHERIDAN Project scope Submit a design proposal for a mace for Sheridan for use at convocation and other ceremonial events. 

Sheridan Design Team Wins ‘Connect: EnAbling Change Design’ Contest

“Earlier last month, myself and the following YSDN students: Tina Chan, Tammy Kittananthawongs, Michelle Lee, Kathy Lu, and Cecilia Uhr, committed ourselves to creating a project for the DX’s design competition: Connect: EnAbling Change Design. CONNECT was aimed towards post-secondary students to design with the theme ‘design for all’ in mind. In a short period of time, our team worked together from concept development, to branding, to UI/UX, resulting in the final development of a website and app, which we named ‘Forkguide’. Forkguide provides a platform that relieves the stress of eating out. It takes into account the extremely varied dietary needs and practices of individuals and finds a suitable eating destination for them, as well as the individuals they are eating with, who each have their own unique dietary needs. As a result of all our hard work and collaborative efforts, we are pleased to share that our concept… Read More