Journalism New Media grad– Carly Verhoeven captures more of Fords antics while in rehab.

    A Journalism New Media graduate has landed international exposure after helping to break Rob Ford’s impounded Cadillac Escalade story.  Carly Verhoeven says she shot the video of 36-year-old Lee Ann McRobb who confessed her connection to Rob Ford on video. Police arrested McRobb a few kilometres away from GreenStone rehab facility in Bala last Tuesday. The following day, McRobb showed up to Northland Auto Repair and Recovery in Gravenhurst and tried to pick up her belongings. What McRobb wasn’t expecting, was MOOSE FM reporter Carly Verhoeven and Matt Sitler to be standing there undercover.  More from Carly about her experience on breaking this story… On the day that Matt and I broke the story we had both seen a press release for a 36-year-old woman who was arrested for drinking and driving in a black Cadillac Escalade.  I had been working the morning show and didn’t think much… Read More

Best Wishes in Your Retirement Sandy McKean

Sandy McKean will be retiring from Sheridan as of June 27, 2014. It is difficult to pinpoint how we will miss him most, since Sandy wore so many hats and leaves big shoes to fill. His own shoes are always seen in motion around Sheridan, as he works with all of his various teams: leading the Sheridan Production House, leading his faculty in the Department of Film, TV and Journalism, liaising with the folks at SIRT, developing new programs and curricula, and poising to launch the new Bachelor of Film & TV degree for Fall 2014 that he spent the last few years developing. Sandy’s multifarious career at Sheridan was launched full-time in 2006 when he retired as Director of Administration and Staff Development at CBC and took up his role as Associate Dean of Film, TV and Journalism in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design. Prior to that… Read More