Sheridan Home Run at Fan Expo

  Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props and the Makeup for Media and Creative Arts Program booth showcased at Fan Expo was a huge success! We hosted three seminar sessions featuring: Emmy Award winning makeup artist Colin Penman, whose work includes The Strain, Defiance, Pacific Rim, Resident Evil, Falling Skies, the SAW movie franchise and The Kennedys. Sculptor and Character designer Don Lanning who has designed and created some of the best known aliens and monsters on the big and small screen Star Trek: Into Darkness, Hellboy, and the current Batman featuring Ben Affleck. Puppet-masters, Robert Mills and Fred Stinson who spoke about non-Computer Generated Special Effects. They have combined experience manipulating monsters and puppets in films such as The Thing, Short Circuit II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, Bride of Chucky, The Santa Clause, Labyrinth. From television credits include the Muppets on Fraggle Rock and Dinosaurs as well as… Read More

Sheridan hosts Project Pathfinder summer workshop

Sheridan once again was the host for the summer workshops– Project Pathfinder. Project Pathfinder is a summer program designed to give Aboriginal Secondary students aged 13-17 the opportunity to learn about various post secondary education pathways. Participating students can earn a dual high school and college credit. While at Sheridan, students experienced two workshops within the Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design coordinated by Lesley Brown-Paterson. An animation workshop taught by Mario Positano and a broadcast television workshop taught by Greg Prince. The workshops are aimed to demonstrate a higher level view of each industry and to provide hands on activities to help inspire and encourage students who are considering their future opportunities. During the August 7th broadcast workshop Jamie Campbell host of Toronto Blue Jays telecast and previous play-by-play commentator spoke to students.