2017 Art and Art History Grad Exhibitions | VERGE

Congratulations to the 2017 Art and Art History graduating class on their thesis exhibition, Verge. The word verge refers to a state of transition, and can simultaneously mean a border, an edge, or an approach to a boundary. The graduating artists in this exhibition are, likewise, transitioning into new opportunities and experiences, as well as fluctuating between cultural discourses that affect understandings of the self. Their works explore the boundaries experienced between endings and beginnings, the past and the future, the self and the other.

The Rover Closes Erindale Theatre Season

Spring Break Italian-style, as horny youngsters of both genders descend on Naples at carnival time – with sex and violence around every corner. Swordfights! Disguises! Seductions! Courtesans! – the first woman in the world to earn her living with her pen created a party that never stops!  And that’s the party that will draw the curtain on Theatre Erindale’s “Uppity Women” 2013-2014 Season from March 13 to 23. Aphra Behn was one of the most successful playwrights of the Restoration, the period when the King had returned, the theatres had re-opened, and women had at last been allowed onto the stage. Though she enjoyed brief careers as an actor and a spy, it was as a playwright and novelist that she made her mark. Her most famous comedy, The Rover, held the stage for a hundred years, but by the late eighteenth century it was thought too wicked to produce… Read More

Frances Burney’s The Witlings Opens at Theatre Erindale, UTM

It was a comic novel that established the path for Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Evelina was published anonymously in 1778, but it was such an instant hit that the identity of its author soon became known. Frances Burney, known to family friends as “Fanny”, was the daughter of a well-known composer. And overnight the greatest theatrical producer of the age, Richard Brinsley Sheridan (namesake of the village after which many local landmarks are named) was practically beating down her door. He wanted a comedy for the Drury Lane Theatre. And Frances was only too happy to comply. The result was The Witlings, a Comedy of Manners that is about to become the next offering in Theatre Erindale’s “Uppity Women” season. The first draft was read in the Burney drawing room and applauded by the greatest wits of the age. Veteran playwright Arthur Murphy promised to see the novice work through the revision… Read More

Theatre and Drama Studies Puts on The Scottish Play at Theatre Erindale

Theatre Erindale previewed their production of Macbeth last night, which will officially open to the public tonight, March 15th, and run until March 24th. With a new director in the faculty, and various acting and production challenges to conquer, a lot has gone into telling one of Shakespeare’s most well known stories, beyond simply learning the lines. Director David Matheson has transported student actors into the Scotland of the Dark Ages, with characters (male and female) donning kilts and Picts tattoos. Many in the cast have gone through weeks of training using broadswords and bucklers with Fight Director Daniel Levinson — “as braining a fellow actor is not the way to win friends and influence people,” jokes Theatre & Drama Studies co-ordinator Patrick Young. Props and costume students have also had their hands full, with paint – “NOT what goes on the floors and the walls, but what goes on… Read More