Theatre and Drama Studies Puts on The Scottish Play at Theatre Erindale

The Weird Sisters (Left to Right: Alex Spyropoulos, Chiamaka Ugwu, Hannah Jack)

The Weird Sisters (Left to Right: Alex Spyropoulos, Chiamaka Ugwu, Hannah Jack)

Theatre Erindale previewed their production of Macbeth last night, which will officially open to the public tonight, March 15th, and run until March 24th.

With a new director in the faculty, and various acting and production challenges to conquer, a lot has gone into telling one of Shakespeare’s most well known stories, beyond simply learning the lines.

Director David Matheson has transported student actors into the Scotland of the Dark Ages, with characters (male and female) donning kilts and Picts tattoos. Many in the cast have gone through weeks of training using broadswords and bucklers with Fight Director Daniel Levinson — “as braining a fellow actor is not the way to win friends and influence people,” jokes Theatre & Drama Studies co-ordinator Patrick Young.

Props and costume students have also had their hands full, with paint – “NOT what goes on the floors and the walls, but what goes on the bodies!” added Patrick. Technical Production students developed their own blood recipe to make Macbeth and Lady Macbeth “steeped in blood,” as the script calls for. “The exact recipe that will look scary and effective without ruining costumes or causing accidents takes loads of trial and error,” said Patrick. So too did the blue tattoos that five characters must sport, since the production is set among Picts, so named by the Romans because of their body art.

“Some of these tattoos must actually be applied live onstage, requiring a different formula from those that can be applied in the dressing room. Getting them to match has proven to be a devilish problem, and only the other night, the crew was sent back to the drawing board to try again,” Patrick said. You will have to go to the show to see for yourself if they got it right!

Macbeth runs March 14 to 24 in the Erindale Studio Theatre at UTM. For tickets and information, call 905-569-4369 or visit Parking at UTM is $6.50, and tickets are on sale for only $10 for students and seniors, and $15 regular.

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