Associate Dean Angela Stukator Reporting From The Game Developers’ Conference in San Fran.

gdc logo“This week, the city of San Fracisco is occupied by thousands of game designers, developers and educators from all corners of the globe. It’s a wild scene with swarms of game enthusiasts filing into the Moscone conference centre to learn about what’s hot and not in the game industry.

Avrim Katzman, Nicolas Hesler, Max Piesner and I [Associate Dean Angela Stukator] are crossing paths occasionally as we try and cover as much ground as possible. The first two days are boot camps in animation and game design (Nic’s stompin ground) and summits on education (that’s mine) and game narrative (Max’s). There have been some great papers and panels with titles that speak volumes: “Taste like chicken -authenticity in a totally fake world”, “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” “Evolving the emotional content of games”, and “we are not heroes- contextualizing violence through narrative”.

There are lots of major players giving these talks – Colleen Macklin from Parsons, Mary Flanagan from Dartmouth, Tracy Fullerton from USC, and artists like Warren Spector and Ian Dallas, among many others. The exhibition floor opens today (Wednesday) and Sheridan will be there in booth 231. More tales to tell no doubt as partners, alumni and attendees drop by to check out our reel and our extensive collection of cool swag.”

– This post was written by Sheridan’s Associate Dean of Animation and Game Design and emailed to Anne Whitehead for publication

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