Industry Day Showers Sheridan Animation Students in Awards & Job Interviews

Sheree Evelina receiving her HP People's Choice award

Sheree Evelina receiving her HP People’s Choice award

Thursday April 25 had been penciled into the planners of graduating Sheridan Bachelor of Animation students and Toronto animation professionals for months as the day when industry pros would come to Sheridan to view student films. Sure enough, by the time animation splashed onto Sheridan’s SCAET screen, the theatre was so full that people were sitting in the isles.

Following screenings, industry professionals were able to interview students for positions at their animation and gaming companies (and these interviews are continuing today). Students mounted displays of their films, 3D set designs, posters and more in the Trafalgar campus Learning Commons, and industry representatives toured around meeting students one-on-one. The campus was all abuzz with the excitement felt by students who were releasing their work into the world for the first time, and by potential employers who were keen to recruit the very best talent that Sheridan has to offer.

Industry Day ended with the presentation of student awards. The following is a list of winners:

AWARD NAME Award Recipient First Name Recipient Last Name
Town of Oakville Award for Animation Reina Kanemitsu
Guru Studio: Best Character Animation Award Zhoulin (Rebecca) Liu
Guru Studio: Best Story Award Max Swiecki
Nelvana: Outstanding Leadership Award Lisa Marie Lanese
Nelvana: Best 3D Computer Animation Mitch Counsell
Nelvana’s Honourable Mention Award Mami (Ami) Uebayashi Thompson
Nerds Corps Entertainment Innovation Award Yvonne Yixuan Xu
Mercury Filmworks: Triple Threat Award Story, Design, and Best Overall Animation Natan Moura
Arc Productions Best Use of the Animation Medium Award Di Wang
Shaw Media Journalism/Media Award Ksenija (Kay) Pluto
Shaw Media Journalism/Media Award Amy He
Shaw Media Best Computer Animation Award Ben King
Shaw Media Journalism/Media Award Sheree Evelina
Shaw Media Journalism/Media Award Dmruv Joshi
Shaw Media Journalism/Media Award Melissa Lyn
DreamWorks Scholarship – Computer Animation Lorena Salas Reyes
Gerry Zeldin Life Drawing For Animation Jean Liang
Glen McQueen Memorial Award Catherine Coulter
Too Cool for School Award Perin McLean
Wacom Award Natan Moura
HP People’s Choice Award Sheree Evelina
HP People’s Choice Award Ami Thompson

Congratulations to you all, good luck in your interviews, and best of luck in your careers after graduation!

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