Collaborative Crafts and Design Lighting Project at Sheridan College: VIDEO

Last term, crafts and design students from studios specializing in furniture, glass, ceramics and textiles came together in groups to develop art out of lights.

The following question was put to students:

“Light allows us to perceive the world around us, but how much do we know about it? What is light? How is light modulated through transparency, translucency, opacity, and reflection? How can we alter and enhance these characteristics through shading and the casting of shadows, and the use of filters to change the colour temperature of the source? How does light create a mood, and affect the environment it illuminates? What functions can lighting perform, and how can we make use of structure, engineering, and the selection of materials to assist in these functions? ”

And their goal was:

“To consider the varied elements of light and develop projects which explore and demonstrate these elements. The result may be a prototype of a functional light (pendant, floor, table, task) or an expression of light in a more conceptual or sculptural manner.”

Watch the following video we put together to get a peek into how it all turned out (spoiler – great!)

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