Sheridan Design Team Wins ‘Connect: EnAbling Change Design’ Contest

“Earlier last month, myself and the following YSDN students: Tina Chan, Tammy Kittananthawongs, Michelle Lee, Kathy Lu, and Cecilia Uhr, committed ourselves to creating a project for the DX’s design competition: Connect: EnAbling Change Design.
CONNECT was aimed towards post-secondary students to design with the theme ‘design for all’ in mind.

In a short period of time, our team worked together from concept development, to branding, to UI/UX, resulting in the final development of a website and app, which we named ‘Forkguide’.

Forkguide provides a platform that relieves the stress of eating out. It takes into account the extremely varied dietary needs and practices of individuals and finds a suitable eating destination for them, as well as the individuals they are eating with, who each have their own unique dietary needs.

As a result of all our hard work and collaborative efforts, we are pleased to share that our concept and design has won 1st place in the communication design category.

On June 6th, there is an awards ceremony and exhibition reception from 6-8pm at the Design Exchange. It is a public event, and we would like to invite members of YSDN who may be interested in seeing the work and other great designs.
The exhibition will run from June 6-30.”

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Tina Chan, Tammy Kittananthawongs, Michelle Lee, Annabelle Li, Kathy Lu, and Cecilia Uhr

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