SPF/X Students on the Set of “Ruffus The Dog” at Sheridan College

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Students in Sheridan’s the Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props program had the chance to work on a real TV set this past week, as producer/director/writer/actor Rob Mills came to Trafalgar campus to film the latest season of Ruffus The Dog.

Puppetry instructor Jane Edmondson was instrumental in attracting Rob to film at our Sheridan facilities, as she has known people from the Ruffus crew for many, many years (they all worked on a show called The Big Comfy Couch in the early 90’s).

Rob Mills welcomed Sheridan makeup students to prepare his actors for the camera. He spoke to me about students’ enthusiasm and professionalism, noting that Jane had done an excellent job instructing students on what they needed to do on set, and why.

Ann Callaghan, the co-ordinator of the Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props programs said: “I want to thank everyone from FAAD for your agreement to allow us to host and your support for our Ruffus the Dog film making process this week. It has been a huge opportunity for our students to learn and for our programs to raise their profiles as we get ready to move to the Arts.

The students seemed to really rise to the occasion and did a fantastic job that was commended by all – actors, photographers, crew, puppeteers and costumers.  It was all so much fun and such good learning for all.”

Ruffus The Dog is now moving online with it’s third season at www.ruffusthedog.net

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