Senior Secondary Students Earning Dual Credits in Sheridan’s Art Fundamentals Program

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Sheridan College is offering dual credit courses to senior level secondary school students, which earn both a high school and a college credit. Two of the six courses offered this summer by the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design come right out of our Art Fundamentals program: Introduction to Colour Theory and Drawing Systems.

I visited both of these classes and talked to the instructors, students and studio monitor to get the inside scoop on what happens when high school students take college level courses.

Several students commented that they were inspired by the larger and more technologically savvy work environment at the Trafalgar campus, and enjoyed the freedom that instructors gave them to work on their creations. They also appreciated the hands-on, practical quality of training in the drawing systems class, which builds skills in technical drawing and design. Students said that, opposed to high school where everyone must take a wide range of courses, they enjoyed the chance to focus on developing specific artistic abilities that they could one day use in the workforce.

Two students in these classes have already been accepted to our Art Fundamentals program for the 2013 fall term, depending on earning their last two high school credits. These courses will give them those credits, and also get them two credits ahead in the Art Fundamentals program when they begin their studies at Sheridan. Art Fundamentals Co-ordinator Peter Palermo, who is teaching the Drawing Systems course, says that students who take classes in their senior high school year tend to do much better in their first year at Sheridan College.

Christy Lundy, the studio monitor for both classes and a second year student in the Bachelor of Illustration program, had this to say about the program:

“The dual credit program is a great chance for high school students to get a taste of college before they choose what they want to do after graduation. It’s the best of both worlds.”

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