Advanced Television and Film Students Celebrate Final Films at TIFF

ATVF - Graduating class 2012 TIFFAdvanced Television and Film (ATVF) students celebrated their successes on June 10 with a screening of their films and an awards presentation at TIFF Bell Lightbox. This year’s films included a story about gender-transitioning in the workplace, which was the subject of an earlier blog post.

“As the program expands from 28- to 42-weeks next year,” explained Jean Desormeaux “the hope is that the program continue to experiment, innovate and excel at integration from academic reflection  to industry relevance.”

Industry professionals were invited to see the graduates’ films, and provided many positive reviews:

“Glad I came out. Some good stuff there. Better than what i made at Ryerson in 1977, that’s for sure! That doc was like 1969 art film.  weird and nothing like anything else there. Good on you.”
Ron Proulx

“Thanks for having me  the films were light years better this year.”
Robert Wertheimer
Content Producer, Jonsworth Productions Inc.

“Thought the films looked terrific on the big screen and told James he had done a heckuva a job. Spoke with Marsha Chesley, who related how many of the actors had told her how much they enjoyed working on the films and how they were impressed by the professionalism of the students. Ron Proulx and Bob Pressner were also very complimentary about the projects – I’m sure they told you that as well.  Pressner was impressed by how mature the subject matter was, how he felt the films were outward looking, not the typical inner angst , preoccupation with self common amongst student films. So, congratulations – great night, great year, good product.”
David Barlow

ATVF post-graduate program is strongly supported in the film and television industry, and industry representatives give out prizes each year as evidence of this support. The following is a list of winners:

ATVF - PS Award Winner

PS Production Services Kick Start Award Winner, Aren Bergstrom

1. Highest GPA – PS Production Services Kick Start Award

Winner –  Aren Bergstrom  (Producing-Screenwriting)                    —      $15,000

2.     Academic Achievement – Shaw Media Award

Winner – Pricilla IP (Edit – Design)                     —     $1,000

3.     Academic Achievement – Monday Night at the Movies

Winner – Sara Sorochan-Ruland  (Producing-Screenwriting)                  —     $500

4.     Award for Cinematography – Richard Leiterman Award

Winner – Amin Toyouri (Cinematography-Doc)                 —    $500

5.     Academic Achievement – Technocolour Award

Winner – Bailey Corneal (Documentary-Producing)                —    $500

6.     Academic Achievement – Technocolour Award

Nick Gluckstein (Screen-Producing)                —   $750

7.      Academic Achievement – Technicolour Award

Evan Hamza (Screen-Direction)                —   $1,000

8.     Academic Achievement –Panavision Award

Max Gertler-Jaffe (Documentary-Screen)                —    $500

9.     Academic Achievement – Panavision Award

Alexandra Goulea (Design-Audio)                —   $750

10. Academic Achievement –Panavision Award (2nd Highest GPA)

Elias Campbell (Directing – Screen)                    —     $1,000

11. Emerging Film Maker – Panavision Award

Tabitha Grove                   —      $15,000

12. 3 X 3 Screenplay

Evan Hamza

13. Best Film – DeLuxe Colour Correction Award

Bailey Corneal- Jen Bryson – Producers
Evan Hamza – Director
Elias Campbell  -Screenwriter

Congratulations to all of this year’s ATVF students!

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