When Not School Season, It’s Construction Season!

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The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD) has been keeping our facilities team busy this summer with construction projects around Trafalgar campus that are meant to upgrade our studio space and technology.  Among other renovation projects, we are setting up a Digital Fabrication Lab in AA1a, which will be home to a family of brand new 3D printers and a laser cutter. We are also building three new computer labs and moving one to support our Game Design and Interaction Design programs, more piano rehearsal rooms for theatre, and a new media equipment distribution centre in the C Wing. The student’s open studio and its neighbouring courtyard, affectionately known as “the pit,” is also getting a face-lift with all new floors and fresh paint.

Chad Mansell in facilities has been coordinating with Claire Ironside and Doug Donald in FAAD on these projects, and hiring students too. We struck a deal with one group of students to paint the A wing, letting them choose the blue colour in the Animation wing. Facilities also hired three students from Sheridan’s Architectural Technology program to manage renovation projects. I spoke with Vicky Penner, who just finished her first year in Architecture and has been managing construction of the Digital Fabrication Lab as her co-op.

“I loved it,” Vicky told me. “It was great! I learned quite a bit, [facing] hurdles we had to overcome. I’m sad I’m done.” Vicky told me that working with the tradespeople on this project confirmed for her that she is going in the right direction with the architectural technology program, and she really appreciated the “actual work experience” she has had this summer, working for Sheridan.

Please take a look at the pictures above to see for yourself how much our facilities are evolving over the summer months. When you come back to campus this fall, look out for fresh floors, red doors (chosen for their auspicious colour), and that “New School Smell”.

Welcome back!

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