Kathleen Wynne Visits Sheridan College

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Today we had the great pleasure of hosting the Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, at Sheridan College. She was here to tour our studios, meet with the President, Jeff Zabudsky, and learn what really goes down in art school. There were no official announcements made before her visit, but I had the chance to Tweet about it once she arrived at @SheridanFAAD.
Premier Wynne spent her time in the Crafts and Design Wing:

·         Sheridan Art Gallery – The premier and her people were the first to see our new photo portrait exhibition by Photography technologist, Owen Colborne, titled “Private Investigations,” which captures most of our technologists who support our programs in Sheridan’s Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design

·         Digital Fabrication Lab – Interaction Design Co-ordinator Ed Naus introduced the Premier to our new family of 3D printers and laser cutter. While there, she had a chance to speak to Interaction Design students (Tracey Hare, Yurria Byun, Andrew Park and Harrison Joseph) who had stayed late to work on their coding

·         Furniture Studio –  The premier met with studio head Peter Fleming in the furniture design studio, and showed her how we work with wood, metals, plastics, glass and stone, guiding students to self-directed furniture design. Again, she took the time to talk to student about their what they are learning.
·         Glass Studio – This stop was particularly thrilling for the premier and her team, as several people wondered at how students are so comfortable working with glass in fire. Ours is one of the oldest and largest instructional glass design programs in North America, internationally renowned, and students learn blowing, casting, kiln and flame-working, and engraving.
·         Ceramics Studio – On her last stop, Kathleen Wynn stopped to chat with our resident artist, Drew Ippoliti, about Sheridan’s top-rated facilities for hand building, wheel throwing, kiln firing, plaster working, glazing and clay mixing. She took notice of the clay shoes hanging all over the walls – which Drew explained is a project that all first years accomplish early on – and she thought they were awesome.

Finally, the group – which included the Chair of Sheridan’s Board of Directors, Bryan Dawson and President Jeff Zabudsky – returned to the gallery for a sit-down private meeting. While meeting in the gallery, Jeff presented the Premier with a glass art piece.

When the Premier and her team were on the way out, our Photography students (who had been following along, under the direction of faculty Howard Simkins) presented her with a book containing spectacularly fresh prints from her visit. These student photos are included in the slideshow above. They are credited to Marnie McFadden, Mikaela Baker and Ethan Bender.

It was a thrill to receive our premier, and we hope that she will take with her not only our glass art and photos, but an appreciation for the value of Arts education at Sheridan College.

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