Bachelor of Photography Student Exhibiting at Alliance Française

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Second year student of the Bachelor of Photography – bridge program, Alex Clemmer, will be featured in the Alliance Française exhibit “Still Waters Forget.” He got the rare chance (as a student) to exhibit his work solo at Alliance Française because “they were looking for young artists, particularly fine art photography based artists, to showcase at their gallery on Spadina, which is quite beautiful,” Alex explained. “They contacted Sheridan and my name somehow worked its way to the top of the pile [Bachelor of Photography Co-ordinator, Rafael Goldchain made the connection]. I ended up having an interview there and they ended up picking me to show at their gallery. It was a bit of a tense time, when look I back on it.”

Alex sent the Sheridan Arts Blog the above photo in order to explain his concept, in which his photographs allude to the subject’s history. Its title is: Storm Waves at Prince Edward Point.

“This particular photo is of the area of Lake Ontario where the HMS Speedy met her demise in October of 1804. The small schooner was transporting Officials and prisoners from York (now Toronto) to a small town called Newcastle, which was located on Presqu’ile Point. The Speedy was met by a blinding snowstorm and broke apart within sight of the shore near Presqu’ile Point. The next day some debris from the ship washed up on shore, but none of the crew were ever found.”

Alex defines his personal style as “Fine Art Landscape, thought that term is quite broad”. He works a lot with long exposure, water texture, and cloud texture. This body of work seeks to encapsulate the massiveness and seemingly incomprehensible size of the Greats Lakes from the point of view of a single human being. “The lakes are massive and have had a very interesting history, especially at the beginning of the 19th century,” explained Alex. “The lakes, however, show no scars or recollection of these events. I sought to find these fleeting places and document them and capture the passion and power of them. I wanted to show the futility of one man (or a few men) against nature and time.” Indeed, the futility of man against nature is a classic theme in Canadian art and literature, which Alex captures in a new was in his photos.

“My time at Sheridan was a really fast transformation process,” said Alex. “The Photography Program at Sheridan taught me a very good range of technical details so that I could hone my skills as a fine art photographer. However, there are a few professors at Sheridan whose combined teachings taught me to be thoughtful; that was by far the most important lesson.”

You can have your own thoughtful moment at Alliance Française’s downtown gallery at 24 Spadina Rd. The exhibit will run from Oct. 9 to Dec. 20, 2013.

Learn more about Sheridan’s Bachelor of Photography program here.

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