You Are Here Installation Frames Trafalgar Campus View

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With clouds above threatening rain, I found a perfect little spot outside on Trafalgar campus to sit and take in the view. The cozy white box inscribed with the words “You Are Here” in a familiar red circle can be found just outside the C-wing, beside the stream and across from the Marquee.

The installation was created by Stacey Ng Kee Siong and Stacey Skiba, who are both recent graduates of Sheridan’s joint Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto in Mississauga. “You Are Here” invites the people to take a moment out of their day, have a seat and look through a circular window that mimics the shape of the You Are Here symbol to frame the spectator’s view.

The concept was brought to life by Art and Art History faculty Jay Wilson, who has been teaching at Sheridan since 2001. He wanted to introduce something three-dimensional to his curriculum, so that students could expand on their design portfolios. “I’m used to realizing things or dreaming something up and then seeing it actually made” Jay said. “Students actually never get that. They see an idea, they see a kind of mock-up, then they get a mark. […] This was the first time that the students actually got to see their idea made real.”

Stacey and Stacey’s installation was made real through the support of Ellen Timms of the Port Credit Business Improvement Association, Yvonne Koscielak, the public art coordinator at the City of Mississauga, and John McCartney, the woodshop technician at Sheridan, as well as Workshop Architecture faculty Helena Grdadolnik, Dean Ronni Rosenburg, faculty Jay Wilson, and the Design 3 class of 2012-2013.

“You Are Here” was first installed in Mississauga on Lakeshore Road East, and will remain installed on Trafalgar campus until October 18th.

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