Sheridan College Contributes Virtual Timeline to TIFF Cronenberg Exhibit

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For the past year, a small group of administrators, faculty, and alumni in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design and the Network for Innovation in Leadership and Education has been collaborating with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to develop a virtual exhibit that corresponds to their retrospective exhibit on David Cronenberg, opening this week at the Bell Lightbox. The Cronenberg Project is a multi-platform celebration of work by the Canadian filmmaker, David Cronenberg. The exhibit explores the world of David Cronenberg by tracing his progression as a filmmaker through the themes of physical and psychological transformation that define his films, which include Crash, The FlyA History of ViolenceNaked Lunch and Dead Ringersamong many others.

This also marks the first major original exhibition curated and launched by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that will tour internationally with locations to be announced at a later date. The exhibit will run at TIFF’s Bell Lightbox in the HSBC gallery from November 1, 2013 to January 19, 2014.  

Sheridan’s contribution to the project is a virtual timeline that will launch online and at the Bell Lightbox on November 1st. It tracks Cronenberg’s career through three of the questions he addresses in his films: who is my creator, who am I, and who are we? TIFF provided Sheridan with submissions by other Toronto partners to incorporate into our virtual framework, including essays, academic writing, an interactive map and timeline, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Cronenberg’s past and present collaborators and a selection of rare artifacts from his films.

We recruited Sheridan alumnus Matt Wiechec to lead the design team, and Sheridan Visualization Researcher Song Ho Ahn wrote the code. Together, they worked with other FAAD designers to develop a web-based, interactive story of his career.

The project team was:

Matt Wiechec – lead designer and  graduate of Sheridan/ York  Joint Bachelor of Design

Song Ho Ahn – lead programmer

Anne Whitehead – project coordinator

Ian Howatson, Jonathan Eger, Damian Domagala – assistant designers

Michael Evans – Network for Innovation and Leadership in Education at Sheridan (NILES) Associate Dean

Ronni Rosenberg – Dean, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design

Angela Stukator – Associate Dean of Animation and Game Design

Avrim Katzman – Program Co-ordinator Bachelor of Game Design

“Working with TIFF on the Cronenberg project was a challenge that Sheridan was up for,” said Associate Dean, Angela Stukator. “It provided the opportunity to demonstrate our talent for animation and web design, and to work collaboratively with a third party. Plus it was a really fun project.”

To learn more about the exhibit and to buy tickets, please visit the TIFF website.

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