Concert Featuring Animation Display at Sheridan, Saturday Nov. 30


On Saturday November 30th at 7 pm, the Sheridan Chorus (made up of Bachelor of Music Theatre – Performance students, with Greg Andrews as conductor), in collaboration with students and faculty from the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, present Lux Aurumque: The Choral Music of Eric Whitacre.

This concert will feature works from Eric Whitacre’s (read bio here) world famous Virtual Choirs.  Eric is known for his choral writing, but mostly as a YouTube sensation with millions of views for his Virtual Choir performances.  The virtual choir is made up of individual singers around the world who listen to a piano track and watch a video of Eric conducting one of his pieces while they video record themselves.  The singers then upload their file to Eric who has all the files mixed and animated, thereby creating a “virtual” choir of singers from around the world who have never met each other.  There have been 4 Virtual Choirs (VC) recorded to date.  VC1 had 185 voices.  VC4 had about 8000 voices.  Saturday’s Lux Aurumque concert at Sheridan College will feature the songs from his virtual choirs, but will be performed live (NOT on YouTube) along with spectacular visual animation contributed by faculty and staff from the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design: Tim McCormack, Emiliano Paternostro, Bruno Degazio, and Andrew O’Connor.

The mixed media accompanying song were created using a combination of new media techniques. Andrew O’Connor contributed a blend of original and found footage, manipulated in Avidemux and Max, while Emiliano utilized a program that takes video footage and generates fumes of smoke from anything that moves on screen.

The concert is FREE to the public, and we welcome to you come out and see for yourselves how animation and music can work in harmony. The performance will be at the Trafalgar Campus, in the lobby of the SCAET Building. If you plan on attending Marathon of Hope at Theatre Sheridan at 8 pm that same evening, come an hour early and catch this half hour performance!


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