Mural to Bring Colour and Culture to International Centre Stairwell

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Sheridan College has an international student body with students from over 60 countries. The director of the International Centre, Andrew (Drew) Ness, reached out to the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design this year to create a mural on the stairwell to the International Centre located on the third floor of Trafalgar campus’s B-wing. Drew wanted to harness student creativity to illuminate the generous stairwell, bringing colour and culture into the route up to the Centre.

Faculty Les Sasaki, Robert Ree, Gord Thompson and Koen Vanderstukken arranged a challenge for students to form groups including members from varied artistic disciplines, and present proposals to a jury outlining their mural design.  Three design groups (A, B and C) emerged, and were tasked with producing a design of colour, pattern, imagery, etc., that embodied ideas around migration. The intention was to visually announce the presence of the International Centre on the third floor and draw visitors up the stairs, while further beautifying our campus.

The groups were:

Group A

Amy Hein                               – 3rd year Visual and Creative Arts

Liliann Lozanovski                 – 2nd year Crafts and Design – Glass

John MacDonald                    – 1st year Visual and Creative Arts

Anagha Bhatawadekar         – 1st year Bachelor of Interaction Design

Nayeon Lee                            – 2nd year Bachelor of Illustration

Group B

Michelle Kenny                     – 3rd year Bachelor of Design

Jullius Granada                      – 2nd year Bachelor of Illustration

Lena Duoung                         – 2nd year Crafts and Design – Textiles

Megan Swaffer                      – Art Fundamentals

Jenn Mezei                             – 2nd year Visual and Creative Arts

Group C

Jeeshoo Shim                         – 3rd year Bachelor of Illustration

Matt MacDonald                    – 2nd year Crafts and Design – Furniture

Liz Song                                  – 2nd year Visual and Creative Arts

Yasmin Scovino                     – 1st year Music Theatre – Performance

Joanna Liu                              – Art Fundamentals

The groups were given two weeks to create their designs, and then they presented to the jury. “It got a little hairy, but it was a nice hairy, like, curly…” Liliann of Group A explained. Liliann also commented on the value of coming together with students from different disciplines, saying that “I walked into the space as a glass student, but when you work as a group, everyone has different ideas, emotions, experiences to contribute, and something magic happens. Something you couldn’t do on your own.” For example, in Group C, a performer in the group inspired her members’ illustrations by demonstrating her dance moves.

Jullius of Group B said “there is a different sense of awe working as a group. In Illustration, art work is more personal, and when I work by myself I am very self-critical, but what we accomplished as a group was wow.” Megan of the same group complemented Jullius’s Photoshop skills in developing their mock-up, which the jury found very professional, and she added: “we are team bad ass!”

Megan came up with the wonderful idea of showing the distance to different national capitals from Sheridan on the stairwell windows, which was inspired by her own reflections on how far she has come since arriving in Canada from the UK.

The jury – which included dean Ronni Rosenberg, faculty Clarence Porter, and International Centre rep, Alex Prokopenko – has spoken, and it is Group C whose design will be reproduced in graphic film, though Megan’s idea listing distances to various capitals will also be incorporated into the final design.

The successful design will be digitally reproduced and installed on graphic film by Toronto Glass and Film. Look out for the mural when it appears in the New Year.

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