Santa Wolf is Coming to Campus

Santa Wolf Poster copy

If you thought you were too old for Santa, well then you just haven’t met Santa Wolf! Come and share your secret holiday wishes with Santa Wolf. Document this olde yuletide tyme with a photo taken whilst upon the merry soul’s lap. We will be offering our pin-maker so that people can create DIY pins at a most reasonable price of $10/10 pins. Santa Wolf’s cubs are feverishly fashioning furry treasures and freshly forged 3D printer gems for sale on the special day. But wait, there’s more: visitors may even get a chance to ride a virtual roller-coaster upon the Oculus!

Date:  Thursday December 12
Time: 11-2
Location: Beside Tim Horton’s in the Marketplace
Theme: Pictures with Santa Wolf and other furry treasures.

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the school,
students were whining
that it just isn’t cool

To grow up and toss Kris Kringle asunder,
knowing forever more they must blunder,
through life devoid of that red-clad chap,
regardless of how long their long winter nap.

When out in the B-wing,
there arose such a growl
Followed by a robust HO HO HO,
and a baleful howl.

Throughout the campus,
students, faculty and staff emerged,
Blinking their wonder struck eyes,
at the sight of Santa Wolf…all yuletide angst purged

Rejoice, Rejoice!
The myth is real
On Thursday December 12th,
There’ll be photos to take
and furry treasures to feel!

— by Gretchen Sandkey

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