Sheridan Student Wins Ubisoft Grand Prize

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Sheridan third year Bachelor of Animation student, Michael Wang, brought home the Grand Prize at Ubisoft Toronto on Jan 23, 2014.  Ubisoft had invited aspiring video game artists to submit their work for the Ubigallery exhibit through Sheridan’s Co-op office.

The gaming company’s managing director, Jade Raymond, created the gallery as a space where Ubisoft could welcome the public and showcase art by internal and upcoming artists. This was the first public event they have hosted, and it featured exposed brick and an open bar and hors d’oeuvres served in a modern indie-chic space just like what one would expect of the company, located at 224 Wallace Ave, Toronto.

Three of the top six artists selected to show in the Ubigallery exhibit were Sheridan students, which represented a fantastic showing from three different programs in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design:

Gary Chan, first Year Visual & Creative Arts
Michael Wang, third Year Animation (winner)
Linda (Jieyu) Yan, third Year Illustration

When presenting the winner, Art Director Scott Lee spoke enthusiastically about the young talent he saw in Toronto. “We don’t get the opportunity to look at student portfolios very often,” explained Scott, “but I was so impressed with the work we saw! I actually want some of these up in my house!” Scott said that what he looks for in a portfolio is a level of taste. He found it difficult to choose a winner among so much talent, but Scott named Sheridan’s Michael Wang as the Ubisoft favourite.

Michael rose to receive the award, and was clearly star struck. “I just can’t believe I am in Ubisoft right now!” He said into the mic. It took some time for the shock to wear off, but the next day Michael shared that this has been a “major boost for my confidence,” and he is hopeful that now he has a foot in the door, he may actually work at Ubisoft after graduating from Sheridan.

“I’m so glad to even be a part of this, whether I won or not,” Michael concluded. The same sentiment was echoed by Sheridan’s Gary Chan, who was also featured in the gallery. He saw that as a win in itself.

Sheridan College has a well established relationship with Ubisoft, as they have partnered with our Screen Industries Research Centre (SIRT), and their managing director Jade Raymond serves on the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) for our gaming programs, and has contributed to the development of Sheridan’s gaming curriculum. We hope to continue nurturing this relationship.

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