Art and Art History Student Exhibiting at Albion Hotel in Guelph

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Art and Art History student, Grace Bedwell, is exhibiting her paintings at the Albion Hotel in Guelph, Ontario. Grace was asked to be their featured artist for the month of February.

Grace’s artist statement is as follows:

“I am a practicing student artist, studying my last year within the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto joint with Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. In brief, my oil paintings on plywood explore recollections and memory of architectural landscapes through experiential encounters. I choose to examine how water affects vision. Creating inquiries into themes of ambiguity, further exploring the banal.  I have created landscapes that borderline abstraction yet also relies on the viewer’s own point of view. The distortion of each landscape through the layering and dripping of paint is an important aspect to my methodology. Utilizing the medium in a manner that imitates its own materiality.  The duality of abstract yet naturalistic forms are detrimental to the entirety of each work. Dripping and layering the paint in way that further distorts and questions the environment. As I paint I consider the words of authors Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel, “Memory is not a simple recording device that preserves everything our senses take in. Instead it filters and selects, reorders, and distorts […] Recollections are fragile, contradictory, partial and fluctuating.” Thus, highlighting how memory is a prevalent factor within the urban landscape, a landscape that is always in flux. In conclusion, I wanted to question the dichotomies between construction and deconstruction, naturalism and abstraction, as well as seeing and not seeing.”

The Exhibit is set to run from January 18 to March 1.

To learn more about Sheridan’s joint Art and Art History program with University of Toronto, click here.

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