Textiles Grad Anu Raina Shows Toronto-Focused Collection at Fashion Week


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For Anu’s Fall-Winter 2014 collection of prints, she “revisited the joyful experience of falling in love with Toronto,” drawing on the colours and textiles of the city in autumn, and she called it “a thank you note to the great city of Toronto.”

“I recall an experience beyond words, where it seemed someone had filled a bucket with warm hues and splashed it across the city,” Anu described. The same could be said of the latest collection presented at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto by Sheridan’s own 2010 graduate of Craft and Design – Textiles.

The collection by Anu Raina was so Toronto-focused, in fact, that even two of the current mayoral candidates showed up to support her.

You can watch the show for yourself on Youtube and visit Anu’s website to learn more about her and where you can purchase her clothing. Her dresses typically sell under $300 retail, and scarves range from $75-$100.

Anu spoke of a previous textiles studio head at Sheridan College, Rachel MacHenry, as a huge influence on her creative life, and she remembered how Rachel welcomed her into “the Sheridan family.” Anu described Sheridan College as a school “that gave me another chance at a creative life and memories to cherish for the rest of my life. Sheridan will always be special to me.”

Anu Raina have this advice for current Sheridan students: “Stay true to your vision and work hard… never give up.”

We are very proud to call Anu Raina an alumna of Sheridan College.


Anu Raina’s FW2014 Collection of Ready to wear is sponsored by Dr.Sam Daher of Orthostyle – www.orthostyle.com, Jewlery by Tania Gleave – www.taniagleave.com and special support by Sausan Davis of www.haymakercreative.com

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