DDR (Digitally Dependent Relationships) project nominated for an award at the International Data Journalism Awards


Digitally Dependent Relationships -Gen Y Online, a project guided by Cheryl Vallender and Nicole Blanchett Neheli in Online News Production class, has been shortlisted for the International Data Journalism Awards. In their category (best data story on a single topic), they are going head to head with such august news organizations as Mother Jones and the New York Times.

Here are some comments on the collaboration within the class and the concept behind their stellar outcome:

“As a team, it was our main goal to produce something that we could make visually appealing as well as interesting and entertaining. The two pitches that were chosen were “social media” and “relationships.” We combined the two ideas in the most effective way to target Sheridan’s audience, which is where the generation y came in. The project came together so successfully because each person was working to their strength. We weren’t just working on a project as a class– we were creating a website as colleagues.”    – Hayley Vesh

“When Nicole and Cheryl mentioned earlier this year they submitted the project for some awards I didn’t really think much of it, all that I knew was what we accomplished was amazing.   When it was announced we were shortlisted, up against giants like the New York Times and ProPublica, I realized how big of a deal this is. It’s an honour even to get this far and I think our class really stepped up to the plate and was able to produce something incredible. I feel like having got this far, reaffirms the skills we are learning at Sheridan are totally relevant in the real world.”   – Vanessa Naughton

Best of luck to Nicole and Cheryl, who are headed to Barcelona for the conference and award ceremony.

Check it out!

For more on the process and success of this project see Nicole’s blog – Redefining Journalism Blog

Information on Data Journalism Awards 2014



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