Journalism New Media grad– Carly Verhoeven captures more of Fords antics while in rehab.

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A Journalism New Media graduate has landed international exposure after helping to break Rob Ford’s impounded Cadillac Escalade story.  Carly Verhoeven says she shot the video of 36-year-old Lee Ann McRobb who confessed her connection to Rob Ford on video. Police arrested McRobb a few kilometres away from GreenStone rehab facility in Bala last Tuesday. The following day, McRobb showed up to Northland Auto Repair and Recovery in Gravenhurst and tried to pick up her belongings. What McRobb wasn’t expecting, was MOOSE FM reporter Carly Verhoeven and Matt Sitler to be standing there undercover.  More from Carly about her experience on breaking this story…

On the day that Matt and I broke the story we had both seen a press release for a 36-year-old woman who was arrested for drinking and driving in a black Cadillac Escalade.  I had been working the morning show and didn’t think much until Matt told me he received a tip about the Escalade being Rob Ford’s. We knew Ford was in Bracebridge on the Friday before, so there was definitely a possibility these rumours were true. We started going around to all the impound lots in Muskoka to see if we could find the black Escalade. Our plan was to take a picture of the licence plate to confirm whether the SUV was in fact Rob Ford’s.

Finally, we got a tip that the SUV was at Northland Auto Repair and Recovery in Gravenhurst. The person who gave us this information was at the scene when police arrested McRobb and asked to be kept anonymous. We went at Northland and spoke with the owner who initially said the vehicle wasn’t there. While Matt was busy chatting, I went around the lot searching for Ford’s SUV. A few minutes later I noticed a black Escalade behind a fenced off wooden area.  Somehow we managed to convince the shop owner to let us stay on his property for the entire day. We camped out for six hours, even checking Facebook to see what McRobb looked like.  Finally, Matt saw her coming.  He told me to grab my camera so I shot the video while pretending to text. 

Before I knew it she confessed that she left her watch in Ford’s room at GreenStone rehab facility in Bala. We got a lot of answers we hoped for and are still missing a few. Needless to say the video went viral! All the major media outlets in Canada (CBC, Toronto Star, City TV, CTV, CP24, Global and Yahoo Canada) reported on the story including the late night shows in the U.S.

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