Sheridan 2014 Convocation — Keynote Speaker John Robertson


Thank you, Dr. Zabudsky, and good evening everyone.

This truly is an honour to be asked to speak to you tonight.

Look at all these happy faces.

Well you have done it, you have delivered unto the world the best artistic talent of 2014.

You must be exhausted: the late nights, the stress, the demands, the balance of work and school.

I am talking to you friends and families, it is a lot of work getting these people through school and you have done it.

Graduates, give your friends and families a hand for their endurance.

It was thirty years ago when I first put my friends and family through the obstacle course that was me graduating from Design School. I was 5 going into the program. 

In preparation for tonight I was trying to tap into the mind of today’s graduate to explore what may be fundamentally the same as when I graduated.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

For all graduates, this is a pivot point that is all about time and chance, what you have and will be.

For graduates of design, how you choose to make the most of time and chance will determine the success of environments, experiences and products for other people, your friends and families. The time you put into your work and the advantages you take of this chance will determine the life of your work. We all know good design is the best thing we can do for our World as it lasts the test of time.

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