Crafts and Design grads Gabby Wilson and Shay Salehi shortlisted for the Stanislav Libensky Award in Prague

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Two of our last year’s graduates in the Glass Studio of Crafts and Design program, Gabby Wilson and Shay Salehi, were selected for the prestigious Stanislav Libensky glass award in Prague.  This is the only international award for graduating students in glass arts. With two Sheridan students selected by the international jury, our students are in the leading pool, competing with master’s level students from top universities in the US, Europe and Japan.

Shay’s current body of work portrays the use of line, shape, colour and texture formed by the “pate de verre” technique. She fuses glass beads into pure simple forms creating something visually appealing and unique.

Gabby’s piece shows the reaction between hand-forged copper and the high temperature of the glass, which creates beautiful warm colours—red, orange and purple tones. She grew up in Chile and explains that her piece titled Paisaje de Cobre (copper landscape) resembles the open pit copper mines there.

Best of luck at the final awards in Prague!

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