“Festival Street”–Latest Sheridan / TIFF Partnership Project

TIFF_festival_street_copy for BIA Website
The Toronto International Film Festival has created a new “Festival Street initiative” that will see King Street from John to Spadina in central Toronto closed to traffic during the run of the renowned international film festival.  During this period, a number of unique, interactive attractions, including busker, musical and film festival related challenges, games, etc will be created for the public to enjoy on this street site.

TIFF has asked Sheridan to organize film teams that will capture the essence of the Festival Street over the life of the events. A combined graduate (ATVF) and undergraduate (Media Arts) cohort of  production and post-production teams under the direct supervision of adjunct professor Marc Cohen will capture “Festival Street.”
Sheridan’s film program technologists will manage the varied technology and will beta test new equipment and approaches to support this venture. Everyone is very excited about the challenge, and this unique and exclusive role TIFF has asked Sheridan to play.
The final product will be completed by Media Arts Avid editors in the SCAET editorial suites at Trafalgar campus and then streamed by TIFF to the world- wide film festival community.
The TIFF / Sheridan College relationship is an important, continuing effort which last year co-produced the much lauded online “virtual museum” to support the David Cronenberg Exhibit at TIFF’s Bell Lightbox Centre.
In addition to Sheridan’s contribution to the  Cronenberg exhibit, a continuing education “master class” partnership between the ATVF-VFX  graduate film programs and the TIFF Higher Learning Group has been established and incorporated into Sheridan graduate study curricula. A number of graduate classes take place every term, on site at the Lightbox. Sheridan’s Gaming degree program has also participated in some of these master class events.
TIFF Bell Lightbox Centre has become the choice of year-end screening venues for both undergraduate and graduate film program work each year.
This year, Sheridan’s inaugural 3D interdisciplinary project was screened in the Bell Lightbox advanced 3D theatre on August 27.

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