Campus enhancement: Garden in the Courtyard

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After renovations that took place last year in the interior courtyard came the next phase of this project– the organization and planting of the garden. The whole concept has been a collaborative effort by the Campus Enhancement Committee and will function as a multi-use teaching and learning space.

There was plenty of help from faculty, facilities and students with the undertaking of this project. Claire Ironside and Doug Donald created a detailed drawing of the layout and selected the materials to be planted. Susan Hutton, administrative assistant for Andre Plante was also very instrumental in getting this project off the ground. Sue volunteered to act as a dedicated project manager for the first stage of renovation last year, and then sought out donations for the flowers, trees and shrubs that were eventually planted this year, and consistently tended to—thanks to Leslie McGale and Lisa Todd.

Sue says it was all about “bringing the right people together, having the right conversations and then making it happen.” It serves as a great example of the Faculty and Facilities office working together to enrich our campus space.

The next stage will be to commission permanent outdoor furniture from our Furniture studio alumni and to continue to develop the space with trellises and art installations.

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