Sheridan Home Run at Fan Expo


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Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props and the Makeup for Media and Creative Arts Program booth showcased at Fan Expo was a huge success!

We hosted three seminar sessions featuring:

  • Emmy Award winning makeup artist Colin Penman, whose work includes The Strain, Defiance, Pacific Rim, Resident Evil, Falling Skies, the SAW movie franchise and The Kennedys.
  • Sculptor and Character designer Don Lanning who has designed and created some of the best known aliens and monsters on the big and small screen Star Trek: Into Darkness, Hellboy, and the current Batman featuring Ben Affleck.
  • Puppet-masters, Robert Mills and Fred Stinson who spoke about non-Computer Generated Special Effects. They have combined experience manipulating monsters and puppets in films such as The Thing, Short Circuit II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, Bride of Chucky, The Santa Clause, Labyrinth. From television credits include the Muppets on Fraggle Rock and Dinosaurs as well as their own productions of Ruffus the Dog and The Big Comfy Couch where Fred is probably best known as Major Bedhead.

Congratulations to Ann Callaghan, Daniel Baker, Aprile Aimers and our incredible students– including Chris Cooper, Alicia Hodgins, Jessica McEwen, Caressa Otello and Megan Walter  for creating and staffing our Sheridan booth, and for providing on-site zombie makeup, temporary tattoos and face painting.  

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