Jon Sasaki’s “A Clock Set to 24 hours into the Future”


2014 Temporary Contemporary finalist and winner Jon Sasaki’s “A Clock Set to 24 hours into the Future” has been installed at Sheridan.

FAAD’s Jeremy Fernie was able to capture a timelapse video of the installation.


Sakasi’s work was unanimously selected last summer at an annual invitational for a temporary public art installation to be displayed at the college. Jon has increasingly been emerging as a Canadian artist of note, whose work is described in the press as “sophisticated and rigorous,” and noteworthy for its “conceptually inflected wit.” For Sheridan, Jon proposed the installation of the piece which will now be featured at the entrance to the college. In reference to last June, Jon described it this way:

I am proposing to build a “clock tower” for Sheridan College campus, above the Main Entrance to D Wing. But unlike most campus clocks, this one would be set 24 hours fast, always displaying “tomorrow’s time.” Of course, on a four-numeral digital clock, tomorrow’s time would appear indistinguishable from “today’s time,” and therein lies a small bit of levity that I hope would open up to a range of poetic and relevant interpretations. A clock tower running 24 hours fast would in fact be practical and functional in the present, but serve also as an aspirational signpost pointing towards the idea of tomorrow.”

Here is a little bit more on Jon’s career:

Multidisciplinary artist Jon Sasaki borrows Conceptual Art strategies to make works with an emotionally resonant core. Sasaki’s work has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions, recently at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery (Owen Sound, ON); Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina SK); Prairie Art Gallery (Grand Prairie, AB); MacLaren Art Centre (Barrie, ON); Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and upcoming at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Recent and upcoming group exhibitions include Platform Art Spaces (Melbourne Australia); Art Autonomy Network (Tokyo, Japan); MOCCA (Toronto, ON); Dazibao (Montreal QC); and Oakville Galleries (Oakville ON). Sasaki holds a BFA from Mount Allison University and is represented by Jessica Bradley Gallery in Toronto. 

Our Temporary Contemporary project has gained the attention of the Toronto arts community. Canadian Art magazine is featuring the work of Roula Partheniou, whose work was installed at Sheridan as part of our second annual Temporary Contemporary last year.

Be sure to check out Jon’s incredible piece.

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