Guru president and creative director Frank Falcone visits Sheridan

Four members of Guru Studio’s, including president and creative director Frank Falcone, are at Sheridan College today to help students with their portfolios.

In the past the animation department have spent a lot of time and energy hosting American studios like Disney and Pixar. However, we have incredible home talent like Nelvana and Guru who have consistently hired our graduates. Frank graduated from the Art and Art History program, which is joint with Sheridan and UTM. He currently chairs the Program Advisory Committee as well.

Guru Art Director Brandon James Scott will also be in attendance. Scott is an artist and designer that works in a variety of mediums including illustration, design, books and animation. His passion for creating characters and stories and his creative experience in the field of animation leads most of his work towards imaginative and whimsical storytelling. Scott is also the creator of the successful Canadian and award winning show “Justin Time“.


Sheridan will also host a late-afternoon presentation at 5:30 PM that will focus on the path that led Brandon from an idea in his Sheridan sketchbook to a hit television series.

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