Art and Art History student awards program hosted at the Annie Smith Centre

On November 18, the Art and Art History ran their annual student awards program in the Annie Smith Centre. The annual alumni keynote speaker was Michelle Gay, who spoke about her diverse career as an artist, maker, designer, advocate, “technology tinkerer” and the driving curiosity that led her to complete both an MFA at NSCAD, and just recently a Master of Information Science at the University of Toronto’s Knowledge, Media, Design Institute.

The program reliably produces graduates who go on to make their marks in the community as artists, curators, designers, teachers and arts managers and advocates. The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design has proudly supported the work of the Art and Art History students, acquiring and displaying the work of

  • Shonise Douglas
  • Rebecca Filman
  • Olga Klosowski
  • Michelle Gay
  • Kyla Richards
  • Krista Kellar
  • Katie Montica
  • Jenna Pyle
  • Denyse Thomasos
  • Chay Lee
  • Breanna Shanahan

John McCartney, technologist of the wood shop, produced with students a series of inventive cubes as tokens of awards to our deserving students, pictured here.


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