Art and Art History’s latest installation unveiled

Dean Ronni Rosenberg and Breanna Shanahan with her piece titled B;AABCEFGJJJJJKKLLLSSSTT

Dean Ronni Rosenberg and Breanna Shanahan with her piece titled B;AABCEFGJJJJJKKLLLSSSTT

The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD) recently unveiled a new art installation in A100 by Breanna Shanahan titled B;AABCEFGJJJJJKKLLLSSSTT, 2014.

If the name looks like a typo, it isn’t. There is much more to it says Breanna, who explained the thought behind it.

“The name is a tribute to all of the contributors of the piece, friends and professors and others submitted a drawn line for me to convert into a 3 dimensional abstract block with the program I use. I took the first letter of my first name and then the first letter of their first names and arranged them in alphabetical order to title the piece,” she said.

Breanna went on to further explain the process of creating the piece using a computer driven device.

“The CNC is a tool that is available in the woodshop for Art and Art History students. Its primary use was for print students to cut out their wood blocks since the machine is very small and can only do pieces at a maximum dimension of 24x36x2,” she said.

“I was playing around with the machine, the technician John McCartney was teaching me how to use it to help other students since I was working as a work-study student for the woodshop at the time. I eventually decided to pull my other major (sociology from UTM) into a new piece using the technology available to me.”

FAAD has been supporting students through selective acquisitions of their work and displaying a number of them around the College, including Breanna’s.

FAAD’s dean Ronni Rosenberg says that Sheridan is honored to develop an archive of our students’ work.

“We believe these student artists are the practitioners of the future and we are proud to have representative samplings of their astonishing output as part of the Sheridan collection.”


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