Ceramics graduate to debut new art exhibit this week

Photo of Deep Woods. Courtesy of Ryan Walker, Harbourfront Centre

Sheridan graduate and Ceramics professor Janet Macpherson will display her new work in the exhibit titled “Stopping By Woods” at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Curated by Patrick Macaulay, it is part of a larger exhibition called “Deep Woods” which opens this Friday, January 23rd, from 6-10pm.

Over 30 artists look to the woods to negotiate how the great Canadian landscape continues to inspire art in a contemporary context. From surprising selfies and artistic shenanigans in the Photo Gallery to installations addressing carefully manufactured wilderness in the Architecture Gallery, this series of exhibitions will take you beyond the Group of Seven to explore and redefine how the deep woods might currently inform our national identity.
Macpherson had this to say about her work.
“I have a recurring dream about a man from the woods. He and I stare at each other as we walk along opposite sides of a dark road. He nods his head and I know what he means and I wake up. This work was made in a small studio tucked away behind a big tree in Berlin, Germany. The view from the window is a landscape of leaves. Green leaves on branches and orange leaves on the ground.”
Admission is free and will be open to the public until June 14th.


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