Sheridan Broadcast students get involved with J-Source online

J-Source is a national online journalism project which collaborates with a number of Universities across Canada. Second-year Sheridan journalism students have been working with J-Source online to help get their content out to the public. It’s website states that J-Source is a national online journalism project produced by a collaboration of post-secondary journalism schools and programs led by Ryerson University, Université Laval and Carleton University. It is supported by a group of benefactors including publishers, labour organizations and others who believe in excellence in journalism and its strong and vital future. Sheridan Broadcast Journalism program coordinator Nicole Blanchett-Neheli is also a section editor.

This is the first year that Sheridan students have become involved in the project, which essentially helps and provides them with a source for news, research, commentary, advice and resources for industry professionals, scholars and students.

Second-year journalism broadcast student Sasha Campbell, who led one of two groups from the advanced camera and editing class to share their final project on J-Source, explained how she got involved in the idea to collaborate with the online journalism venture.

” My group was given the task of connecting with someone in the journalism industry and ultimately to accompany a reporter and his or her camera person as they go live into the field. I acted as the producer. Steve Pennie (Sheridan faculty and CBC Director) gave my group a starting contact at CBC. Eventually I spoke with an assignment editor at CBC who set me up with a reporter, Shannon Martin. After waiting around all day we were given a heads up just an hour before the report was happening! Luckily traffic was on our side and we made it there,” she said.

“This assignment was a really great experience because we were given a real taste of the crazy and fast paced world of news. I’m also proud that the project is up on J-Source and getting lots of exposure. It’s really encouraging that my teacher Nicole recognized our work, and I really appreciate her promoting us students who are hoping to gain exposure.”

The second group led by Broadcast student Nicholas Kattis will have their project live next week.

In conclusion, Sasha said that her experience in the Broadcast program at Sheridan has been extremely positive.

“The program has been a fantastic experience. It’s so hands-on and our teachers are really knowledgeable and experienced. They treat our classes as if we are working in the real world. I feel confident that this program will prepare me for what’s to come when I graduate. It is very stressful at times and a lot of work, but if you’re passionate enough, it is worth it and will be rewarding in the long run.

The Broadcast students in Sasha’s group were Umar Taiyeb, Mike Suchocki, and Josh Lyons. The project can be seen here below and is being featured on J-Source online.

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