PhotoSensitive exhibit “Picture Change” on display at Sheridan College


Picture Change is part of PhotoSensitive’s latest project initiative, which is currently being featured at Sheridan College.

The brainchild of Toronto Star photographer Andrew Stawicki and former Star graphics editor Peter Robertson, PhotoSensitive was founded in 1990 as a non-profit collective of photographers determined to explore how photography can contribute to social justice. Their idea was to bring together the photographic talents of a number of Toronto-based professional photographers, to harness the power of the camera to achieve social goals.

Each photographer would bring his or her own vision to the subject; the sum of these visions would provide a compelling social comment. Their current exhibition “Picture Change,” consisting of 100 stunning black and white photographs, is currently on display at Sheridan College.

“Picture Change” was installed at Sheridan as part of an initiative to help bring viewers into the world of others. Many of the photographers have a vast library of images from which to choose. Some are photojournalists who have worked on national and international assignments that involve important social change. Each photograph aims to change something, sometimes something big and sometimes something small, but always significant.

Brynn Campbell, “Picture Change” project coordinator had this to say on the exhibit and why it’s important to display at Sheridan.

“As the project coordinator for ‘Picture Change’ I feel that having it displayed at Sheridan College exposes relevant social issues to the students, and also teaches the importance of having professionals in this field of work. I see journalists as messengers, the truth tellers. Many risk their lives around the world to give people a better understanding of social injustices. They work hard, put their life at risk, and are often underpaid. They believe in their work because in order for there to be social change there needs to be access to truth,” Campbell said.

“In this day and age when everyone can consider themselves a photographer it is important to recognize the people who spend endless hours and dollars to get a message across. ‘Picture Change’ is a collection of images that reflect the importance of social photography and why it plays such a key role in the evolution of our society. Photojournalism is a way to document history, culture, people, art, and of course beautiful moments. I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to document such incredible stories and to have people who let me come into their lives to listen and feel for their stories.”

“Picture Change” will be featured until March 12th.


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