Sheridan student wins Dr. Annie Smith Travel Award and scholarship worth $5,000

Photo of Laura Krick, Sheridan's latest Dr. Annie Smith award winner

Photo of Laura Krick, Sheridan’s latest Dr. Annie Smith Travel Award winner.


Student Laura Krick is this year’s winner of Sheridan’s annually awarded Dr. Annie Smith Travel Scholarship in Art and Art History. Laura will have the opportunity to study modernist architecture in Istanbul, Turkey in order to gather research material for her paintings. The winner of the Dr. Annie Smith Travel Scholarship is selected through a vote by studio faculty and staff.

Professor Annie Smith (1940 – 2007) assumed the position of Art and Art History Program Coordinator in 1976. Over the next six years, she reassessed the existing generalist three-year degree program in art education and developed the present professional fine-art focus of the Art and Art History Specialist (four-year) degree program. In 1982, for the first time, the program offered its students fourth-year courses in both studio and art history.

Travel will take place in the year after graduation and applicants must be graduating students. Travel activities might include research, artistic collaboration, an internship, an artist residency, having an exhibition, or visiting a biennial film or video festival. Applications are assessed on the connections between proposed travel plans and the direction of the applicants’ art practice. Within two years of the completion of the award, the recipient is requested to present an illustrated lunch-hour talk in the Annie Smith Centre on the travel experience and artwork made/viewed. The annual application deadline is at the end of February.

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