Jon Sasaki’s “A Clock Set to 24 hours into the Future” bids farewell to Sheridan

An image taken during the de-installation at Sheridan College. Courtesy: Lucas Casaletto

2014 Temporary Contemporary winning artist Jon Sasaki’s “A Clock Set to 24 hours into the Future” has been de-installed at Sheridan College. For the past five months Jon’s piece was displayed high atop Sheridan’s main entrance. Chances are if you were a student going to class or a faculty member going to work, you noticed the green digital clock.

When it appeared in early November, many students didn’t quite understand how the clock operated or its message. However, once people considered the the mind-twisting concept of “A Clock Set Twenty-Four Hours into the Future, an affection for the clock slowly built. On the day the clock was de-installed, we interviewed many people who noted how disappointed they now feel that it will no longer be present. Noted one person: “One of the nicest things that you use when you come in through the front entrance.”

A time-lapse video of the de-installation courtesy of Sheridan Production House, can be seen here.

Sasaki had this to say regarding his piece and its time at the college.

“My experience making this work for Sheridan’s Temporary Contemporary program was exactly what I was hoping it would be; a terrific opportunity to expand the scale of my practice and connect with a large and invested student community. Throughout the process the committee members and staff were unbelievably supportive, invariably taking on difficult challenges with a ‘let’s-figure-out-a-way-to-make-this-happen’ approach. Temporary Contemporary gave me the resources I needed to realize my piece in the best way possible, and I am very grateful.”

Jon has increasingly been emerging as a Canadian artist of note, whose work is described in the press as “sophisticated and rigorous,” and noteworthy for its “conceptually inflected wit.”

Eye on Sheridan also covered the de-installation process. They spoke to a number of students as well as FAAD’s dean Ronni Rosenberg, who offered their thoughts on the digital clock of the future. This can all be seen here, at Eye on Sheridan’s website.

“A Clock Set to 24 hours into the Future” will certainly be missed here at Sheridan College and we hope that someday Jon’s terrific piece can return. We would like to thank all of those who worked on this such as Broadcast Journalism student Gabriela Mendoza and Sheridan Production House’ Pronch Murphy and Ash Xavier. Finally we would like to thank artist Jon Sasaki for providing Sheridan with such a wonderful art installation. We look forward to many more piece’s like this in the future as part of our Temporary Contemporary project.


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